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Cluster of Excellence

Engineering of Advanced Materials

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


Cluster of Excellence
Engineering of
Advanced Materials (EAM)

Nägelsbachstrasse 49b
91052 Erlangen, Germany
14. August 2013

Boost for a successful academic career

The awardees of the EAM Starting Grants 2013: (from left) Julien Bachmann, Sabine Maier, Rubén Costa, Erik Bitzek (Image: EAM/FAU)

Novel light sources, computer designed fracture-resistant materials, efficient energy conversion and novel material combinations in hybrid structures: talented young EAM researchers are active in a broad spectrum of topics. With the EAM »Starting Grant« program, the Cluster of Excellence aims to give additional support of a € 100,000 grant to four of its most promising young members. The scheme, now is in its second round.

The first years after a PhD are particularly important for young researchers, they must gain experience, build an independent research profile, publish articles, develop networks and establish themselves. However, at this career stage, there is relatively little financial support available. The EAM Starting Grants Scheme, which will invest one million euros from 2007 to 2017, is therefore a very welcome scheme and another excellent reason for young researchers to choose Erlangen as a location for their postdoctoral career.

»We see the EAM Starting Grant as start-up funding to set individual projects on their way and to give the scientists a headstart in the national and international competition for third party funding.« explains Professor Peukert. »Proof that EAM is taking the right approach towards promoting its young researchers can be seen in the form of ERC Starting Grants for Prof. Jana Zaumseil in 2012 and most recently Prof. Ana Smith (News) , who was one of the first recipients of an EAM Starting Grant.«

Here are the EAM Grant awardees, whose research projects will be presented in greater detail in the next issue of the newsletter.

Prof. Dr. Erik Bitzek (39) Juniorprofessor, Institute for General Materials Properties · Modeling early stages of fracture and crack – microstructure interactions

Prof. Dr. Julien Bachmann (35) W2-Professor for Inorganic and General Chemistry Energy · Conversion at nanostructured surfaces of well-defined geometry

Prof. Dr. Sabine Maier (34) Juniorprofessor, Institute for Experimental Physics · Structure and electronics properties of hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces

Dr. Rubén Darío Costa Riquelme (30) Humboldt-Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Physical Chemistry · Light-emitting electrochemical cells based on sustainable ionic materials

Winners of the first round EAM Starting Grants 2011 Link

FAU press release Link

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